American History, Government and Civics

If you used to think history and government was boring... think again! With our hands-on approach to American history, civics, and government- students will see for themselves the fascinating Biblically-based truths of our nation's past!

One Nation Under God


 Let history come to life!

Students will get a hands-on look at America's history and scriptural foundation and like never before! With fun themes based on a historical event, special character, or important document, the program culminates in a skit with students performing what they learned for the whole family!

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The Educated Vote


Exercise your civic responsibility to vote in a mock election for 7th-12th! 

History, Government, and the Bible


Hey moms and dads, want to know what these 3 have in common? Join us for our RCA Bible study at Berean Bible Church!

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