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Life Science


Life is an amazing phenomenon unique to our planet Earth... in fact it is not found anywhere else expect here! Come and learn about the wonders of life through hands-on experiments covering the basic principles of biology, anatomy, zoology, and botany. Discover the many incredible forms of life that slither, crawl, swim, run, grow, walk, and much more in this interactive science course. 

Earth Science


Calling all aspiring geologists, astronomists, mineralogists, petrologists, meterologists, volcanologists, astronauts, paleontologists, oceanographers, marine biologists, underwater photographers.... or maybe you'd just like learn about earth science! Students will learn the basics of earth science through hands-on experiments in this interactive course.

Physical Science


Discover the what, how & why of the basic building blocks of the world around us! How does light travel? What is water made of? How does a chemical compound form? Explore the answers to these questions and more with hands-on interactive experiments. Students will learn the basic principles of chemistry and physics introduced at a rudimentary level in this two hour course.

DNA Mysteries

Can you crack the case?


The Case

The Forensic Science Team: Special Cold Case Unit has been requested by the governor to solve a murder mystery! Students must work together as a team to bring the criminal to justice!

All ages

Geared towards students from middle school to adult level, this course has something for everyone!

Hands On

Hands-on interactive courses are our forte! As students work together to solve the case, they will engage in interactive experiments, projects, role play, and more to help them analyze the evidence to catch the crook.

Crime Scene

One of our favorite parts of this course is that the students have the opportunity to collect evidence the way the pros do it... in a (mock) crime scene! Students will learn forensic science techniques such a finger print dusting, blood splatter and more to help them learn to think critically as they analyze potential evidence.

Role Play

Each student is assigned a role to play in the course- whether journalist, forensic scientist, medical examiner, prosecuting attorney, defense attorney, or news reporter- each one plays a crucial part in solving the case. 

Judge and Jury

Do you think you know who did it? Its up to YOU to prove it! At the end of this year long course, students will present their findings in front of the judge and a jury made up of family and friends to either convict or acquit the criminal!

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