Kaykim Courses



Our general science courses include Getting Crafty with Science for lower elementary and Getting Crafty with Science Too! for upper elementary.  Project based and a great way to introduce fundamental science concepts with an arts and crafts twist for younger students.

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Civics & Government


One Nation Under God explores the Scriptural foundation of the United States Constitution, the historical basis for our government, the civic responsibility of the Christian American citizen, and application in today's society.

The Educated Vote (middle/high school) is all about the election process - voting, the Electoral College, how it all works, and why it's important.  Students organize and carry out debates, town hall meetings, and study current events.  Culminating in a student led mock election, students apply what they've researched, discussed, and debated as they learn how their vote affects our government.

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Training Seminars


Our Seminars ensure teachers are confident teaching our curricula in the classroom.  

Affordable Ongoing Support Options help teachers feel comfortable teaching

and equip them to better facilitate student learning.

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6th - 12th


  • Celebrate the Kingdom is our Creation based curriculum designed around hands-on, interactive lessons involving  logical thinking, critical analysis, & deductive reasoning.  Covering Life, Earth, and Physical Science, this curriculum prepares students for biology, chemistry and physics.
  • DNA Mysteries (middle school to adult) is an interactive forensic science murder mystery. Participants take on roles as forensic scientists, suspects, witnesses, news reporters, investigators, criminal defense & prosecuting attorneys, and members of the jury as they collect evidence,  analyze clues, process the crime scene, and carry out a mock trial to convict or acquit the suspect based on forensic evidence collected during their investigation of the case.   
  • In our award winning Microscopic Residents of the Great Lakes State (K-12),  participants learn about microscopic organisms native to Michigan.  Lower elementary students are introduced to insects, upper elementary students learn about insects and insect ecology, middle school students classify insects and microscopic organisms, and high school students investigate microscopic organisms using taxonomy.

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In addition to our award winning courses, we've made science at home more accessible and convenient with our  all-in-one-kits!  Each kit includes the text/workbook and materials required to complete the hands-on activities and experiments for each curriculum.  

Workbooks & Kits

Custom Curriculum Development & Consulting Services


With experience designing and developing effective, hands-on, interdisciplinary (high school/adult) programs with real world applications, you can count on us to help you meet your goals.  We specialize in unique and customized STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) vocational training programs or college preparatory curricula.

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